👩‍💼Manage users

Add a new user to your organization [Cloud]

To manage users, you should click on your Avatar, then "Users".

Click on the button Add Users. A modal shows up, and you can add as many users as you want :

Click on Send an invitation.

Add a new user to your organization [Self-Hosted]

You must have admin permission to add new users to Promyze.

Go to the menu Administration -> Users, and click on Create a user. You'll have to provide at least a login, and an email if your instance is connected to an SMTP server.

Then, 2 possibilities:

  • If your instance is connected to an SMTP server, each user will receive an invitation link to complete their registration and define their password.

  • In all cases, on the home page of Promyze, this link You are not registered yet? intends to complete the registration, users will just have to provide their login (communicated by the admins)

Give admin a permission

Users can have two different statuses: Regular User or Admin.

If you want to change the permissions of a user, just click on the orange icon to either promote a user as Admin or to make her a Regular User.

Remove an existing user

Identify the user you want to remove, and click on the red icon. You'll be prompted to confirm this operation.

What happens when a user is removed?

Data associated with a user that has been deleted from your organization is not lost. They are now just associated with an anonymous user so that you keep all the data.

On the Cloud version of Promyze, users have a single login/password to access their different organizations. Even though you delete a user from Promyze, they'll still be registered on Promyze.

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