🪐Manage spaces

Understand how you can use space to manage your best practices

If you're registered Packmind, you had to create your organization. This is your workspace for your company.

Organizations are available on the Cloud version. For self-hosted version, the organization is your whole instance.

Your organization will be divided into spaces. A space stands for a developers' team, a guild/chapter, or a community of practices. Spaces can be either private or public :

  • In a private space, only the space's administrators can add or remove users.

  • In a public space, every user is free to join the space.

There is no restriction on the number of spaces that can be created, or on the number of spaces a user can join.

Create a space

Every user can create a space. On the top-left menu, you'll find a list of spaces and you can switch between the spaces you belong to. If you click on that menu, you'll find a button Add Space.

Give a name and short description, add members, and decide if your space should be private or public. You also need to state whether your source code examples will be publicly available from others spaces.

You're now ready to go!

Update space members

Right-click on your top-right avatar, and click Space Administration. You have access to all the space's settings, and here you can add or remove users. Please note that you can only add existing users to your organization. If missing, you'll have to invite the user to your organization.

It's possible that newly added users may need to log out and log in again to make the changes effective.

Join a public space

A public space can be joined by any user of your organization. To list the current public spaces, click on the top-bar button displaying your current space. It shows all the spaces you belong to, and you see the button See public spaces.

You'll be redirected to a page listing all the public spaces, and you're free to join this space.

Remove a space

Right-click on your top-right avatar, and click Space Administration. Select the space you want to remove and click on the Delete button. You'll be asked to choose whether the best practices of your space should be transferred to another space, or not.

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