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Connect Packmind with your favorite communication system

While Packmind provides integrations with IDE and Code reviews, it also integrates with communication tools to be even more closer to your organization's ecosystem.

This feature is available from version 4.11.0 (March 2023)

What is notified from Packmind?

Packmind sends notifications when users perform the following actions:

Step 1: Create Webhooks

The notification system works with Webhooks, lightweight solutions to push content to your favorite communication system. Most of them support the Webhook mechanism.

Tip: When creating a Webhook, you can use the following URL to download and use the icon of Packmind: https://packmind.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/LogoMark_Packmind.png

Microsoft Teams integration

Please follow the official documentation:

Slack integration

Please follow the official documentation:

Mattermost integration

Please follow the official documentation:

If you reuse an existing webhook, the username and icon can be overridden. Go to System Console > Integrations. There is an option called Enable integrations to override usernames; set it at True.

Discord integration

Please follow the official documentation:

Can't find your communication system? Feel free to add a feature request.

Step 2: Configure WebHooks for Packmind spaces

The idea is to create a Webhook for one channel and link this Webhook to a space in Packmind. Thus, notifications associated with this space will be pushed into the channel.

You will find these settings by going through the Profile -> Administration -> Notifications menu.

The following screen will let you configure your Webhook for each space individually:

Click on Change to save the modifications.

You can also send a test notification to ensure your Webhook is up and working, thanks to the button Test Webhook.

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