Install the plugin

Click on Help -> Install New Software. Then, click on the Add button.

Add a new Update Site with the following URL:

You can now search "Packmind" in the search bar.

When the installation is over, you'll need to restart Eclipse to apply the changes.

Configure the plugin

Click on Window -> Preferences -> Packmind.

You need to enter your API Key, which will be found from the Packmind Web Interface, from your profile menu.

The "Disable Suggestions" option simply disables the automatic suggestions feature while you're coding in your IDE.

If you now right-click on your source code editor, you'll see all the use cases for Packmind:

Display the Packmind Tab

Click on Window -> Show View -> Other. And select Packmind.

The following tabs will be displayed:

  • The list of the best practices from your spaces

  • The list of the current ongoing Craft Workshops

  • The list of the ongoing battles

  • The automatic suggestions of best practices (also available in the editor)

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