Use categories to organize your practices

Packmind is dedicated to increasing developers' skills through best practices definition and sharing. Best practices are intended to cover a wide range of topics: Architecture, Languages, Frameworks, Security, Performance, Accessibility,... Thus, we advise using categories to keep your repository of best practices in a consistent way. Indeed, you can associate each best practice with one or more categories.

There's no restriction on the number of categories for a practice so we encourage your to be exhaustive

Thanks to categories, you'll find your practices easier, subscribe to others teams' practices that are of interest to you and filter the display of the categories. All space categories are available on the 'Our practices' page from the top-bar menu.

To update a best practice's categories, just click on the Edit icon, and feel free to use existing categories or create a new one if nothing suits you.

Here is a simple illustration of how to filter your practices by category.

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