Install the Self-Hosted version

All the documentation on how to install and upgrade Promyze is available on the Docker hub:

And on our Helm Chart guide if you plan to deploy Promyze on Kubernetes:

The self-hosted can run in an offline context and aims at meeting your security requirements.

Configure the public URL

This part is crucial to ensure plugins will work correctly. On the first start of Promyze, you'll be asked to input the public URL of Promyze.

If the URL evolves in the future, you'll have to update it in Administration -> Settings.

A change in the URL will impact all the current API keys, they'll have to be re-generated and retrieved from the UI for each user.

Configure the license

In the Administration -> License menu, you'll find info on your licensing.

If you've purchased Promyze or asked for a freemium extension, you'll be asked for your Promyze Serial Number. Copy paste this information from here:

Just send this information to our support team so that we'll send you a valid license key.

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