Packmind Tech Coach

What is Packmind Tech Coach?

The Packmind Tech Coach provides feedback and suggests improvements on your code changes in the IDE leveraging:

  • Best practices from the industry

  • A curated set of craft practices

  • Your own conventions and coding practices

Based on your code modifications, the Tech Coach will generate code improvements in the Packmind panel.

To generate suggestions, click on one of the edited files. A few seconds later, you'll get results organized according to the suggestion category (Readability, Performance, etc.).

For each suggestion, hover the area, and you'll see the suggestion, along with a code modification. You'll then be able to either:

  • Copy the suggested code in order to insert it into your code

  • Mark the suggestion as "Seen"

  • Create a question for Packmind so that it will be on the agenda for the next practice review

How to get started?

First, you need to make sure you've enabled AI in your Packmind organization.

Then, just set up the Packmind IDE plugin.

You're ready to go now! Remember, only files with code changes will be candidates for code improvements.

Currently available on VS Code, coming soon for JetBrains and VS, stay tuned 🤞

What languages are supported?

The Packmind Tech Coach can raise suggestions on any kind of programming language, even Dockerfile or CI/CD configurations.

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