Import, copy and export practices

Import practices from existing Wikis

If you have existing practices written in tools like Notion or Confluence, you can use the Packmind Web browser plugin to import them to Packmind.

To start importing practices, navigate to the Web page containing your coding practices, then click on the Packmind plugin icon and select the menu "Export Practices". Then, you can copy and paste the name and description of your coding practices.

On tools like Notion, the Copy/Paste preserves the Markdown content properly.

See an example in this video:

Copy practices from a space to another one

If you'd like to copy a list of practices from a given space to another sapce in Packmind, here is how to make it:

This feature is only available for admin or drivers.

Export your practices in Markdown

You can create a Markdown file containing your Packmind coding practices (name and description).

Go to the Administration -> Export practices menu, and select the space of your choice. Then, pick all the catalogs you want to export, and finally, click on the Download export button.

This feature is only available for users with "admin" privileges.

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