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Packmind plugins is available for Visual Studio and Visual Studio 2022.

How to download Packmind for Visual Studio

The Packmind for Visual Studio extension is available on Visual Studio marketplace. It is solely compatible with Visual Studio starting from 2019.

You can either:

  1. Download the ".vsix" file and manually install it by launching the Visual Studio extension installation process. The .vsix file can be found on this link:

  2. Or, install it directly from your Visual Studio IDE by going to Extensions > Manage Extensions and then search for "Packmind".

Once you've installed it, a reboot of your IDE may be necessary to complete the operation.

How to configure Packmind for Visual Studio

You can find the extension configuration panel on "Tools > Options > Packmind > Settings" on Visual Studio.

There is only one value to set :

  1. Packmind API key: Corresponds to the API key associated with your user account. It can be found in the Profile section of Packmind.

How to show and use the Packmind window in Visual Studio

Packmind for Visual Studio provides a window that can be attached to your IDE's side panels. This window allows a logged user (with a configured key) to visualize all his spaces/profiles, practices, ongoing sessions and battles.

To open this window, you can either:

  • Press "CTRL + SHIFT + P", or

  • Go to View > Other windows > Packmind.

Once the window is opened, you can position it in the desired side panel and it will stay with you throughout your coding experience.

The window is divided into two sections: practices and information.

Practices are presented in a formatted manner where the line starts with the practice's space, followed by the practice name and categories (between brackets). If a network issue happens, a double click on the node refreshes it.

On the other hand, the information section presents a list of ongoing sessions and battles. In each section, a double click on the node opens a new browser tab with more information regarding the node.

The other main use cases are listed in the following article:

🚀pagePackmind's IDE plugins use cases

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