🧑‍🤝‍🧑Driver & Contributor roles

Understand the key importance of the Drivers in Packmind.

To make Packmind successful, we recommend that users enroll in either the Driver or Contributor category.

Driver role

The Driver should have solid technical expertise and will be a top contributor in Packmind, either with coding practices or discussion topics.

The Driver should organize and lead the practice review workshops.

Usually, Tech Lead or Lead Developers will be natural leaders as it's already part of their responsibilities.

Each space in Packmind should have at least 1 Driver.

Drivers have access to additional features in Packmind, including:

Spaces with missing drivers may face a failure in the organization and animation of the practices review workshops.

Contributor role

Contributors may identify practices or topics for discussion from time to time. They can raise questions about the code and take part in practice reviews.

Each developer is likely to be a contributor.

Update your role

On your first registration to Packmind, you'll be prompted to choose your role thanks to the following window:

You can update it anytime in the Profile menu (click on your avatar in the top-right corner).

On the Packmind Cloud, this role will be attached to your profile on all the organizations you belong to.

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