Contribute to the Hub

In this section, you'll find tips and info on how to contribute to the Hub of practices on

Who can contribute to the Hub?

To contribute, you'll need to create a catalog of best practices with Packmind, meaning you must have a Packmind account, whether Cloud or On-Premise.

NB: Packmind is free for personal usage, open source, schools and non-profit organizations.

Get Started

Here is a tutorial where you'll see:

  • How to create an account on Packmind

  • How to setup our IDE & Web browsers plugins

  • How to create your catalog of best practices

  • How to upload it to the Hub

Tips to create best practices

  • The naming of practice is important: you should use a name that reveals the intent of what should be done. When possible, prefer the positive form "Use..." instead of the negative form "Don't use", since a negative form is often related to the opposite form, i.e., a positive practice :)

  • Please provide at least an example or counter-example, if both it's even better!

  • Use categories for each your practice, so that it will be easier to search later

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