📈Data Board

Get an overview of how Packmind is used in your organization and the benefits you get

The Data Board is accessible from the Profile section. \

Here is an example of a dashboard you'll get:

The dashboard is divided into two sections: Gains & Activity.


This provides an overview of what you've achieved so far with Packmind: the number of practices identified, read, or pushed by suggestions, for instance.

It offers the 4 following metrics:

  • Time saved on practice reviews: During practice reviews, collective discussions boost knowledge sharing. For each practice review, you save 1 hour multiplied by the number of users in the space.

  • Time saved with practice suggestions: With Packmind, the feedback loop is shortened by automatically pushing suggestions to developers. You get a 5-minute saving per suggestion pushed.

  • Time saved on onboarding: Packmind helps you to present quickly the most important best coding practices of your team. For each onboarding workshop done, we add up 10 minutes multiplied by the number of practices in the workshop.

  • Time saved in knowledge sharing: Packmind makes it easier to share knowledge with the whole team or other teams of the company, you get a 5-minute saving for each coding practice identified.


In this section you'll get an overview, of each past month:

  • The number of practices review

  • The practices viewed

  • The practices suggested

  • The number of users who have connected the Packmind plugins

Filtering data

Please be aware that you can restrict data to specific spaces and time periods, using the options on the top-right corner.

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