📰Scheduler to push practices

Create a coding practice newsletter routine in your team with the Scheduler

In Packmind, coding practices are created with IDE & Code review plugins and during workshops. Then, automatic suggestions and onboarding workshops can be used to push practices to developers to help produce code compliant with these standards and ensure they continuously understand and are aware of these practices.

As a Driver, you can also use the Scheduler feature to push coding practices to users in a given space through Notification channels (Mail, Slack, Teams, and more). Think it as micro-reminders or newsletters for your knowledge base.

Enable the scheduler

Any Driver or user with Admin privileges can access the Scheduler configuration through the Administration -> Scheduler menu.

Then, select the space of your choice, and enable the scheduler for the following frequency:

  • Daily - it will be sent at 09:00 AM UTC

  • Weekly - it will be sent each Monday at 09:00 AM UTC

  • Monthly - it will be sent each first day of the month at 09:00 AM UTC

By default, the scheduler is disabled for all spaces.

Feed the queue and choose your practices

By default, the scheduler will randomly pick a practice from the space's practices repository, but you can also add specific practices to the queue by clicking on the Add Practice link.

There's no limit to the queue size; you can also add practices already added to the queue.

Customize email and test sending [On-Premise]

If you've picked the "Email" channel, there is a button Customize email template that allows you to tune the header and footer of the email. You'll also find a Test configuration button to test the result of the email sending.

A SMTP server should have been configured first

Tune time of the scheduler [On-Premise]

You can set the environment variable PRACTICE_SCHEDULER_HOUR in the container promyze-api to refine the hour of the day at which the scheduler is executed.

You should select a default value between 0 and 23.

Notification channels

If you pick one of the Slack, Teams, Mattermost, or Discord channels, the notification will be sent through the associated webhooks.

If you choose the Email channel, each user in the space will receive the notification.

On the self-hosted version, you'll have to configure the SMTP server for Packmind.

In addition to these notification channels, you can configure a single email that will act as a distribution list. In this context, only one email will be sent. This can be configured in the Notification settings.

An example of a notification sent through Slack looks like this:

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