Github Copilot integration

GitHub Copilot is a powerful tool that boosts developers' productivity by providing seamless code completion within your favorite IDE. While it is smart enough to "understand" the global context of your project to write consistent code, it will need some help to generate code that complies with your team's coding practices. This is where Packmind integration with GitHub Copilot might help.

Get practices reference file

You can give Copilot further context by "feeding" it with reference files. The Packmind add-ons provide a way to get a reference file containing your practices. All you have to do is right-click anywhere in your editor and click on "Create practice file for Copilot".

This option is currently available only for: - Packmind plugin 9.3.0 for VS Code - Packmind plugin 8.2.0 for JetBrains

This will add a *-practices.yml file under a .packmind directory located at the root folder of your workspace.

The root .gitignore file of your project will be updated to ignore the practice file and avoid using outdated practices by mistake

Use reference file with Copilot

See the integration in action in the video. The key action is to pass the generated packmind.yml file as reference in Copilot Chat.

. This can be achieved using #file on VS Code or using the + icon under Jetbrains.

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