What is Packmind ?

At Packmind, our motto is Connect Developers' Knowledge. We know that digital companies have to be successful in deliverying high-quality software. And we're convinced that a way to reach that purpose is to:

  • help developers leverage their technical skills by learning from each other

  • help developers align their coding practices to keep consistency in the code base

  • improve the efficiency of code reviews and onboarding processes

  • foster best practices reuse in an organization thanks to Inner Source values

  • assist developers in following best practices in their source code

  • avoid knowledge loss due to turnover

  • support developers in suggesting new ideas and new best practices

We considered these motivations were convincing enough to create a software platform, and we called it Packmind 🚀!

The 2-minutes tour video with an overview of the features

1:30 video to introduce the concept of Packmind

How is Packmind more efficient than a knowledge-management system?

Solutions like Confluence or Notion are great to manage content and documentation, but they're designed to be generic, and are used by various audiences: marketing, sales, developers, HR, ...

The consequence is they miss the specificities of our target users, software developers. While most of them used these tools, they met some drawbacks:

  • Lack of integrations in IDEs and Code review tools

  • Challenging to create best practices and make other developers aware of this.

  • Complex to keep up-to-date

It's common to observe this pattern of outdated Wiki that almost nobody reads. Our goal was to design a new way to build shared knowledge, make best practices actionable, and push the right information to developers when they need them.

"Our team regularly has pair or mob programming sessions. How Packmind can help us?"

Even though pair/mob programming sessions are good practices to foster knowledge sharing, it's crucial to capitalize on the best practices implemented during these sessions. The mindset is to always wonder:

"What we're currently discussing about, would it be interesting for a new developers that joins the team tomorrow?"

It's not because you agreed on best practices right now that you'll remember them in 2 months. It's easy to record them with Packmind, so let's do this! 🚀

Capitalization is the key:

  • If the team evolves, onboarding will be more efficient if best practices are available in Packmind

  • If other teams in your company could be interested in your best practices, it will much more easy if they're available in Packmind

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