▶️First steps in the platform

Access Packmind either in Self-hosted or Cloud version

You need to create your organization on https://subscribe.Packmind.app

With your account, you can create and belong to one or many organizations.

Once Packmind is up, 4 main steps to start:

Step 1: Create your space in Packmind

Create your first space to welcome your first best practices. On the Cloud version, a default one exists.

🪐pageManage spaces

Step 2: Setup your plugins

The simplest way to start using Packmind is to install our IDE plugins for the JetBrains suite, VS Code, Visual Studio, and Eclipse.

pageIDE Plugins

You're ready to create your first best practices in your IDE 🚀!

If you do code reviews on GitLab, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket or Helix Swarm, it's a good idea to install our plugins for web browsers.

pageCode reviews plugins

You're ready to create your first best practices in your Web browser 🚀!

Step 3: Invite users and add them to spaces

Create accounts for the developers you're working with and invite them to join Packmind.

Here you'll find how to add new users:

You can now add users to your space! Each new user will also have to set up their plugins.

Step 4: Plan your first Craft Workshop

You and your team are ready to create your first practices and discuss them in your first workshop. We recommend planning a date with your team to run this workshop! 🎉

When you'll run the Craft Workshop, check our recommendations on that topic:


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