🥇Measure the success

Enhance your knowledge-sharing results

After several months, your organization may challenge you to show the value of using Packmind.

The most spread method observed by our customers is to do a quick survey of the users to assess whether or not they identify the value when sharing best practices with others in the team. You can focus on the Tech leaders in charge of animating the workshops to see if Packmind is a good support for them. For other users, asking whether they learn new concepts regularly and if it helps them in their work is solid evidence.

Depending on your initial goals with Packmind (reducing code reviews latency, the number of new bugs, the onboarding time, ...), you can easily measure what changed before and after.

For instance, if your organization looks at the 4-key metrics, you can assess the evolution of the lead time for change or change failure rate. Indeed, strengthening the knowledge-sharing culture will eventually positively impact the quality of your software. But, as always, be careful when reading indicators; many factors can impact them.

To complement the user survey, you can look at the Packmind Data Board, which provides insights into how users interact with the tool over time.

📈Data Board

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