Create a catalog of best practices

Discover how catalog are useful to share practices in your organization or on the public Hub

Practice catalogs are a great way to share them with other spaces in Packmind (other teams). You can create a catalog in your space from your practices (for example a catalog related to security best practices).

Just go to the Menu Catalogs -> My Catalogs", and click on the button Create a new catalog. Give it a name, a short description (just like practices, you can use Markdown here), and then you can start by picking up all the best practices you want to put in this catalog.

Note: Source code sharing is a space's setting. If you decide to make source code examples and counter-examples public, all other teams in your organization will see your best practices descriptions and the associated source code documentation. For security reasons, you may decide to not share these data, and only share the description of the best practice.

Here is an illustration of catalog creation:

Catalogs can be useful to share practices on the Hub! Check the link below.


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