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Make the most of AI to boost generative coding practice

Packmind integrates AI capabilities to bring value and innovations to Tech Leaders and Developers.

This section of the documentation unveils the motivations, use cases and how to get started with Packmind AI.

With Packmind AI, we now bring new support to automatically suggest coding practices and discussion topics. Use the Git integrations or send some source code to Packmind, and it will suggest you code improvements and coding practices; but it will let you have the final word about the practices to validate. Consider the AI engine as an external eye capable of making suggestions and asking questions about your coding standards.

Get started with Packmind AI

⚙️pageEnable and configure AI

Continuous generative coding practices & topics with Git integrations

🔬pageLet AI generate coding practices & discussion topics

Get best practice description and pattern detection

✍️pageGenerate description and regular expression

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