✍️Generate description and regular expression

Automatic practice description generation

Once you've enabled Packmind AI, it automatically generates descriptions for each new coding practice to save you time and effort. You can consider it a root point where you can refine the description according to your needs.

Be aware these are suggestions only; you must either Accept or Decline the proposal. If you want to edit it, you can accept it and bring your modifications afterward.

Here is an example of a generated description:

Automatic Regular Expression Generation

One capability of Packmind is to let you, when it's relevant, define detection patterns to identify in your code when best practices are now followed.

Read more on this feature:


Packmind AI provides support to automatically generate regular expressions based on your new coding practice example. The results are continuously improved as you add new examples to your practices to optimize the accuracy and efficiency of pattern recognition.

Here is an example of a generated regular expression:

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