Access other teams' practices

During a Craft Workshop session, the step Practice review offers a tab named Practices from other spaces. On this tab will be displayed all other teams' practices from your organization, sorted by date. The most recent will appear at the top of the list.

For each practice, you have access to its description and the associated source code examples, only if the space was configured to share its source code.

A practice seems relevant to you? You can decide to retrieve the practice in your space, by clicking on the button Get the practice. That's simply how Packmind helps knowledge transfer in your organization.

You're bothered with practices that are out of topic for you? Click on the button Manage my subscriptions, and disable the categories that are not relevant to you.

Note that the practices with a blue background are new practices not already seen in your space during a workshop. Think about it as read/unread emails.

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