Identify best practices during a Workshop

When you start a Craft Workshop retrospective with your team, the first step brings you to the developers' contributions to best practices identification, whether they're examples or counter-examples. It's quite common that, after talking with your team about a contribution, you do agree on a new best practice to add to your repository.

When that happens, you can feel how Packmind is a great support to make practices emerge in your team!

To create a practice during a Workshop, you have to make sure the bottom-left button is enabled on Practice identification mode.

Now, if you select a piece of code, you'll be prompted with the practices modal, and you can now either pick an existing practice or create a new one, as you'll do in any Craft Workshop. If it's a new one, name your practice and click on Create a new practice.

Tip: You can disable this button if you'd like to browse the displayed source, highlight some snippets, and not be prompted with the Packmind modal.

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