Run battles on best practices

Craft Workshop is a place where you can contribute by suggesting best practices. During the Workshop Retrospective session, discussions take place about best practices, especially if we talk about new practices. In some cases, the consensus is not reached in the team, or maybe the definition of the practice is not clear and needs to be clarified.

In that situations where you either feel comfortable with accepting or refusing a new best practice, we advise you to start a battle and move the retrospective forward. The idea is to let developers time to think about the best practice later, ideally until the next retrospective.

To run a battle, you need to click on the following 2-swords icon:

During that time, developers can then vote 'for', 'against' or 'neutral' for this practice and above all, put forward arguments 'for' or 'against' this practice. This aims at helping the team to decide what to do with a practice in battle: delete it, keep it, rename it or change its description.

Current battles for a space will be available in a dedicated section on the home page

The next Craft Workshop will start by reviewing ongoing battles. Note that if not anyone could participate in the battle, you can skip the battle during the retrospective, and you'll come back to it during the next workshop.

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