Understand the Practices Review Workshop

What's the purpose?

The practice review is a collective session dedicated to the continuous improvement of your best practices. During a workshop, you're likely to:

Who's involved?

A practice review workshop is run within a space in Packmind, so participants will be usually part of the space.

Feel free to invite some project/team stakeholders or third-party people to the workshop.

When does it happen?

Retrospectives happen usually once per iteration in your project, it depends on your team organization.

For instance, at Packmind, our developers' team gathers every Friday at 2pm for a 1-hour session.

But the best frequency remains the one that fits your project life. You can then try different methods:

  • Run a single workshop once per iteration

  • Run frequent workshops like twice per week, but with time-boxed to 15 min (to discuss one or two practices)

Don't feel stuck in a model, iterate to find the most appropriate, and we bet you'll do!

How does it happen?

We recommend that someone take the lead to animate the retrospective. Remotely, the team meets on their favorite video-conference system, and the leader shares its screen to conduct the retrospective. If you work physically together, the leader presents her screen in a meeting room with the whole team.

Only 1 animator is enough to run the workshop. Other participants can just visit the Packmind web app or observe the shared screen.

How long should a Practice Review Workshop last?

The retrospective should last between 30 mins and 1 hour, but it's really up to you. If there is still material to discuss at the end of the hour, it can be paused and resumed during the next retrospective session. Remember, the most important thing is to take the necessary time to discuss with your team about best practices. Make sure everyone understands to ensure an efficient knowledge-sharing process.

Tips for the Practice Review Workshop

  • Do not hesitate to go into details in the discussions.

  • Make sure all participants can speak and intervene.

  • Even during the retrospective, best practices can be identified in the code contained in the Practice Review Workshop. It's common for new practices to emerge from the discussions.

  • Feel free to add complimentary corrections to counter-examples, to show how to improve some parts of the source code.

  • The leader should make sure that best practices are clearly written and documented, with the team's approval. The leader holds the screen but everyone should participate!

Check past workshops

On the Home page of your space, there's a link that brings you to the list of the previous workshops. This will be useful for users who could not attend a previous workshop.

Delete a workshop

So far, it's not possible to remove a workshop in Packmind.

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