🤝Onboard new developers with Discovery Workshops

Find out how to boost developers' onboarding on your best practices

What's a Discovery Workshop?

When developers join your team, they need time to get familiar with your code base and your best practices. We've imagined an interactive concept that leverages your existing best practices documentation to increase the learning of your best practices. And we called it Discovery Workshops.

A discovery workshop will invite any user to identify in some snippets of code at which locations some best practices are followed or not. The nice thing is those snippets come from your existing practices in Packmind. These workshops turn your knowledge base into a learning challenge.

They're used for self-evaluation and help Tech leaders in a team to have insights on what to do to increase their developers' knowledge of best practices.

Create or Edit a Discovery Workshop

Discovery workshops are available within a space.

Run a Discovery Workshop

Any user within a space will have access to all the Discovery workshops in it.

For each workshop, you can get the list of the sessions run by the team members, with the date and the score.

Please note that:

  • The final score doesn't have any impact on Packmind

  • You can run as many sessions as you want

  • Packmind sets a margin error of 5 lines

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